Tech Explorer Community

What if you could use technology to be more creative, productive, and independent?

You believe that knowing how to use technology is a necessity.


You’re aware that we’re surrounded by technology everywhere.

With our live classes, sessions, community, and resource library, you’ll:

  • Gain more independence using websites and apps.

  • Learn how technology makes your business successful.

  • Be able to manage your online privacy and security.

  • Keep up-to-date on the latest trends.

  • Learn how to solve common technical problems.

  • Understand the terminology used in technology.

  • Manage your files, photos, and other information.

  • Make the most of the cloud, apps, devices, and more.

But maybe you've thought:

“It’s been frustrating to learn technology.”

“The terminology used in technology overwhelms me.”

“Knowing where to start learning is the hardest part for me.”

“I’m so far behind, I could never catch up.”

“I fear it will be too time-consuming to learn.”

“No one explains things in a way I can understand.”

My Story

I’ve been teaching people how to use technology my whole life. It’s what has made it possible for me to establish my career. My first job out of college was writing repair manuals for complicated electronic equipment. I learned to simplify complex technical tasks into simple step-by-step instructions in this job.

As a computer industry marketing professional, I created presentations to educate prospects and customers about new products in non-technical language. I eventually became a full-time technology instructor and taught over 200 classes a year through adult education and community colleges. 

I’ve been looking for a better way to share my knowledge with others, so I started the Tech Explorer Community website.   Bob Cohen 

We’re A Community of Learners

  • Join other adults to learn more about how technology can improve your life.

  • Have fun learning with others about technology through classes, Q&A sessions, and workshops.

  • Meet people and connect with other adults who share your interests in technology.

  • Create and join interest groups to learn together.

  • Share your productivity tips with other people.

Why Join?

Your Tech Explorer Community Membership includes the following:

  • Weekly one-hour live classes on essential technology topics.

  • A library of over 100 articles.

  • Unlimited replays of all recordings.

  • Create your own particular interest group with other members.

  • Meet other adults with similar interests.

  • Create a profile for yourself or your business.

  • Discounts on special events and in-depth courses. 

Topics we cover include these and more: